This Quirky Cabin's Structure is Inspired By Ground-Sprouting Fungi

 - Sep 20, 2017
References: shedblog & newatlas
There are certain kinds of dwellings that require sleek, formal or traditional modes of design, but children's cabins are not among them, which is why British designer Ben Swanborough went ahead and created an exceptionally beautiful but quirky cabin for his daughter.

Named 'Mushroom House' thanks to its clear resemblance to a mushroom, this particular cabin features 'stem' and 'cap' components, and cost only $670 to make. The stem section is equipped with a compact desk area, with a trapdoor offering access to the upper floor. Despite its compact-looking mushroom-style shape, this cabin offers a surprising amount of space.

This quirky cabin managed to impress people beyond Swanborough's daughter, claiming the 2017 Cuprinol Shed of the Year award, appropriate recognition for a gorgeous piece of architectural work that combines childlike wonder with economical construction.