The 'Wanderlust' Home Features Wooden Accents and a Shed-Inspired Design

Colorado-based tiny home experts Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses have gone ahead and developed a bespoke and highly innovative new towable tiny home, dubbed the Wanderlust, that is designed to make it easier than ever for its owners to move their lives from place to place.

This particular towable tiny home features a design that is inspired by the humble shed, and it comes complete with wooden accents and metal layering, with the inclusion of insulated panels allowing for design-assisted heating. The Wanderlust towable tiny home also features bonuses such as a storage room for outdoor equipment, and a storage-integrated staircase.

By bringing together a comforting design, convenient features and a compact form factor, the Wanderlust towable tiny home proves that tiny living doesn't have to come with compromises of any kind.