The Nisser Micro Cabin is Covered in a Blond Timber Facade

 - Oct 6, 2017
References: archdaily
In Norway, woodsy cabins are part of an architectural tradition stretching back millennia, and the Nisser Micro Cabin represents the modern iteration of that form. The timber-clad vacation home rises up on stilts out of a lake in the small town of Nissedal, Norway, showing the expanse that classic cabin-building has stretched over the years.

Though Nisser Micro Cabin is on stilts, Feste Landscape / Architecture, the studio behind the design, has its sights set on loftier goals — or rather, lower ones. Instead of building the micro cabin on stilts, the studio hopes to build the same design (or a similar one) on a floating platform that can move out into the center of the lake. Such a building would represent a true break from the forested cabins of decades past.