The 'Lumishell' Brings an Oasis to Your Desired Location

Tiny homes are maintaining popularity as consumers look for more cost-effective ways to own their own spaces, so brands are continuing to create options like the 'Lumishell' prefab dwelling. Developed in partnership between Christophe Benichou and Lumicene, the prefabricated home features an organic shape that incorporates 430-square feet of living space. This includes a space for living, working, eating and sleeping, while the curvaceous windows put a focus on the exterior to encourage you to explore the terrain.

The 'Lumishell' is able to be erected in about five days after being ordered online and transported, which makes it a winner in terms of accessibility. As consumers seek compact living spaces that they can afford, we will likely continue to see companies respond with stylish dwellings that are inherently modern.