From Selfie-Inspired Art Exhibits to Neon Rap Portraits

 - Feb 24, 2018
The top February 2018 modern design ideas offer an insight into how consumers of the future will live and decorate their home spaces with everything from colorful outdoor mattresses to modular smart reminder systems.

As a rejection of some of the picture-perfect, hyper-curated home decor styles that have become popularized by social media, consumers are turning to quirky furnishings and accessories that are packed with personality; this includes examples like waste bins that are shaped like sushi rolls, tomato-shaped lighting fixtures and imperfect vases that were intentionally created with precision algorithms.

Los Angeles is now home to The Museum of Selfies, an all-new exhibition that modernizes classical works of art with technology, calling viewers to reflect on various points in history, science and culture, while also becoming an interactive part of the installation themselves.