The enjoyment of a good cigar is always a moment to be savored.

 - Jan 3, 2018
References: alvarae & facebook
The enjoyment of a good cigar either on your own or with friends is always a moment to be savored, and the experience is only heightened with the carbon fiber ashtray that was created by the Alvarae Design Studio and award winning designer Charles Wan.

The smoking accessory was developed by mixing the design technology of carbon fibre composite to form a highly polished base along with anodized aluminum to create a magnetic ashtray and three individual magnetic cigar rests. The cigar rests and ashtray can be placed anywhere on the base, making it perfect for individual use or with friends.

The rests and ashtray have been created in a range of different colors, including gold or gunmetal sitting on a polished black base. This very stylish and elegant cigar ashtray is defined by the excitement it creates and its undeniable visual appeal, which is bound to complement the atmosphere for that perfect relaxing cigar moment.