The Museum of Selfies Examines Art and Culture Through Narcissism

 - Jan 29, 2018
References: wmagazine & psfk
The Museum of Selfies is the newest exhibition coming to Los Angeles and masterfully blends modern culture with classic art. The collection features re-imaginings of classic art pieces in which subjects are armed with phones pointed at themselves or off-screen mirrors. The series hopes to examine the idea of the selfie through the lens of art, history, science and culture. From Vincent va Gogh to Kim Kardashian, the exhibit aims to understand the shifting of artistic mediums through the use of the selfie.

The Museum of Selfies is not just of selfies, but also considers what there is about them. Those with an aversion to the medium are implored by the artwork to consider their positions and those with a penchant for selfies may find themselves examining the reason they love selfies.

Aside from the pieces of artwork, the Museum of Selfies will also offer tools to create them—the exhibit will provide backdrops for viewers to create their own photo-shoots and fully become part of the exhibit.