- Feb 3, 2019
From compact 4K camera rings to second generation selfie drones, this list of 2018 photography trends highlights crucial ways in which the photography industry, and camera makers, are incorporating other forms of technology to improve existing forms and functions.

Designed to mount simply to the flash mount of any DSLR camera, the Aurga gives even the most rudimentary photographer the ability to capture absolutely marvelous shots. To accomplish this feat the Aurga utilizes AI to automatically tweak the settings of a camera, essentially intensifying the auto function of most DSLRs. The AI device can also be manually controlled through a smartphone app to apply certain filters to photos.

Also included in this list is the 'Detu MAX,' an immersive 8K camera that gives videographers the ability to produce truly immersive media. Featuring an integrated sensor, the camera is capable of capturing images in 12K and video in 8K. The camera also allows for videos to be rendered in virtual reality to truly create breathtaking experiences for users to enjoy.

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