Walmart is Trialing a Fridge Stocking Service in California

 - Sep 25, 2017
References: walmart & newatlas
Walmart is trialing a new fridge-stocking service, which elevates its home delivery offerings to new heights.

Through the service, employees will enter the homes of consumers, organizing the fridges and pantries with freshly purchased food. Although convenient, some consumers were uncomfortable with the idea of a stranger entering one's home -- to alleviate these concerns, Walmart partnered with an advanced home monitoring company August. Through the security company, Walmart employees will receive a one-time-only passcode, which will only grant the delivery representative temporary access to the home.

Consumers will receive a notification once the delivery begins to take place, from there, one can watch through August's accompanied home security cameras, as the Walmart employee re-stocks the shelves with the pre-ordered food items.