'New Home' Imagines Comfortable Living Solutions on Mars

 - Sep 11, 2017
References: projekter.aau.dk & designboom
'New Home' is a conceptual series of prefabricated homes that plan to protect astronauts from the hostile atmosphere of Mars. While the topic of space travel is widely discussed, two designers acknowledged that a lack of emphasis is placed on the quality of living for members of the mission crew. New Home is a response to this problem, providing a comfortable living solution that equips the astronauts with charming bamboo finishes, cozy furniture and a whimsical observation tower on the top floor.

The homes are to be built on Earth and inflated upon reaching the destination, growing into a massive, livable, six-storey unit that contains three balconies. This housing concept would eliminate the need for heavy construction equipment, which effectively minimizes the need for "Earth-bound material and machinery."

If properly executed, this home would need to sustain human life on Mars for 1.5 years, offering protection from the harsh atmosphere while promoting mental well-being.
Photo Credits: designboom, projekter.aau.dk