The 'Oloid' Desk Sculpture is Designed Mathematically Perfect

 - Aug 24, 2017
References: kickstarter & geeky-gadgets
The popularity of desk toys to keep hands busy is seeing them take on new, more modern forms as seen with the new 'Oloid' desk sculpture. Designed as "mathematically perfect," the 'Oloid' is unusually shaped yet will roll in a straight line without deviating, while also boasting a smooth and gentle motion. This makes it a designer piece of artwork to adorn your workstation and offer something to play with when taking a call or simply brainstorming your next idea.

The 'Oloid' desktop sculpture has been designed in a number of different material options including stainless steel, brass and copper to make it a truly exceptional piece of artwork to keep nearby when working. The 'Oloid' also boasts an identical surface area to a sphere that has the same radius, which speaks to the phrase of being "mathematically perfect."