Daniela Forti's Jelly Fish Tables are Made from Colored Glass

 - Aug 23, 2017
References: danielaforti.it & boingboing.net
These dynamic jellyfish tables offer a way for consumers to breathe a little life into drab living room decor. Daniela Forti's dynamic designs are both sculptural and functional, forming the perfect combination to spruce up one's abode. The sturdy tables are made in a delicate process, which involves drawing out individual blob-like clusters of glass into long tendrils, reminiscent of a jellyfish's stinging tentacles.

The long, organic appendages of the table act as its legs, providing support, while giving the appearance that the table is floating. Each design features different colors, offering the consumer something as unique and awe-inspiring as the aquatic creatures themselves. In addition to its diverse colors, each table takes on a different form, adding to the structure's already organic shape.