From Millennial Pink Cookware to Freeform Baking Pans

 - Oct 29, 2017
From Millennial pink cookware to freeform baking pans, the October 2017 kitchen trends reveal that there is a strong demand for products that encourage creativity and playfulness when it comes to cooking.

One example of the demand for more playful cookwear comes from Le Creuset. While the brand's cast iron pots are already a staple in many homes, now the brand is experimenting with different designs for those who are looking for a fun way to show off their personality. This includes new sets of cookwear in both a millennial pink hue and a Beauty and the Beast-themed design.

Beyond experimenting with the color and style of kitchen products, the October 2017 kitchen trends demonstrate that consumers are excited to test out new and innovative cooking gadgets. One excellent example is the Bake Snake freeform pan, which allows bakers to create custom molds for uniquely shaped treats.