Half/Full Uses Bowls, Plates and Spoons with Illusions to Trick Diners

 - Sep 11, 2017
References: yankodesign & psfk
Half/Full is a project from Studio Playfool that introduces a set of tableware that is mirrored. Although there are reflective details that are often worked into plates, bowls and eating utensils, the purpose of Half/Full's mirrored surfaces go above and beyond just aesthetics.

Through a unique set of tableware, this project aims to address food shortage problems that will exist in the future. As such, Half/Full uses visual trickery to make diners feel as if they're seeing twice as much food on their plate, which will make them feel full, even though they are actually eating less.

Studio Playfool notes that dieticians commonly use similar techniques to help people cut down on eating unhealthy food, but this project in particular visualizes a potential way for design to be used to "future-proof our appetites."