- Oct 29, 2017
Featured in these October 2017 interactive trends are a variety of immersive experiences, events, apps, and product packaging -- all of which aim to ensure that consumers don't forget about the innovation that's being sold to them.

With the remake of Stephen King's 'IT' breaking records in the box office, it's no surprise that fans of the horror are clamoring to experience more, with terrifying haunted houses and eerily realistic VR experiences available to them. The former was limited to those in LA over the age of 18, and allowed participants to explore the abandoned well house that Pennywise dwells in, all while gruesome scenes from the film were reenacted.

Also featured in these October 2017 interactive trends is the 'Coal Comforts' pop-up, an art space that was disguised as a bakery, but intended to bring more awareness to the effects of climate change. As charcoal desserts are a popular commodity among foodies who are looking to spruce up their Instagram pages, the black treats that were promoted drew large crowds. Upon entering the concept space however, participants learned more about the harmful consequences of mining and burning coal.

From Emotion-Detecting Apps to 4D Halloween Roller Coasters: