'Oreo Vinyl' Aims to Appeal to Young People's Passion for Music

 - Sep 19, 2017
References: dimensionplus.co & fcbgc
Oreos are a popular treat among young children, but pre-teens and teenagers are less likely to enjoy the sugary snack, so the creative team at Dimension Plus came up with 'Oreo Vinyl' -- a musical iteration of Oreos aimed at appealing to young people's passion for music.

Through this campaign, the classic treat is converted into a tiny, working record, which when paired with a specialized record player that accompanies it, plays different variations of the Oreo theme song. To achieve a record-like sound, the cookies were engraved with specially formatted grooves that replace the classic branding.

This inventive campaign offers consumers a box of six cookies, each containing a different song, as well as the accompanied record player.