This Kitchen Appliance Allows One to Efficiently Make Ice Cream Cones

 - Sep 20, 2017
References: stores.ebay & ebay
Those who like to make food from scratch for a more full flavor and unique design capabilities are likely to appreciate this waffle cone baker.

A sleek appliance that's easy to use and clean, the waffle cone baker works by tightly pressing batter together and evenly heating it over an element. As the interior of the device features an intricate flower imprint, the cones come out with a subtle floral design that makes them stand out. When the waffle cone baker is in use, or ready to be packed away for storage, a small security clip can be utilized to ensure that uncooked batter doesn't leak out, or that the device doesn't come open.

In addition to making unique waffle cones, the appliance can alternatively be used to cook crispy omelettes.