The 3M Scotch-Brite Quick Clean System Cuts Griddle Cleaning Time

To help fast food workers spend less time scrubbing, scouring and scraping heavily used griddles, 3M has come up with a solution called the Scotch-Brite Quick Clean Griddle Cleaning System. Not only does the new system make the scrubbing process easier, but it also cuts cleaning times by at least 40 percent.

The new Scotch-Brite Quick Clean Griddle Cleaning System is a cleaning solution that is designed to be faster, safer and easier to use than traditional products. The system itself consists of three simple steps: squirt, scour and squeegee. There is no rising required and users never have to worry about leaving behind any messy residue. All of this is achieved with a formula made from ingredients that have been deemed 'Generally Recognized as Safe' in food by the US FDA.

With QSR operators always on the lookout for ways to save time and money without sacrificing quality, 3M's new cleaning system is a perfect back-of-house solution.