From Recycled Bottle Leggings to Reclaimed Wood Timepieces

 - Nov 26, 2016
While it is no secret that consumers are eager to cut back on waste and reduce their environmental footprint, the November 2016 eco trends demonstrate that recycled fashion is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways of going green.

Unlike in the past, green clothing options are now just as chic as their fast fashion counterparts. For instance, the brand Girlfriend Collective designs stylish leggings that are made from old water bottles. Similarly, I AM NOT A VIRGIN uses materials that are normally found in landfills to create ultra-chic sweaters.

Of course, style-conscious upcycling is not just limited to clothing. Indeed, the November 2016 eco trends demonstrate that accessories are also a popular choice for consumers looking for easy ways to go green. Some examples of eco-friendly accessories include salvaged roof handbags created by the organization People for Urban Progress, Tempus' reclaimed wood watches and a pair of carbon-neutral runners dubbed the CO2 Shoes.