This Deoderant Can Be Refilled with Only Water

 - Oct 2, 2016
References: sincerecosmetics
These deodorant sprays contain a natural ingredient that does not have harmful effects on the body.

Most people past the age of puberty use odor control in some form but many would like to stray from the chemical-laden deodorants that can be found in most drugstores. The 'Sincere Magic Crystals' deodorant comes in the form of a bottle that has natural mineral salts in them that are touted as having the ability to neutralize odor-causing bacteria. The spray works by having the user fill it up with water so that the salt slowly dissolves into it and the bottle can be refilled up to ten times with plain water until the crystals have completely dissolved.

These deodorant sprays are completely natural and offer odor protection through a unique, economical process unlike any other.