Patagonia's Long Root Ale is Made with Regenerative Agriculture Practices

In a partnership with Hopworks Urban Brewery, outdoor clothing and sporting good designer Patagonia created 'Long Root Ale,' a pale craft beer that isn't nearly as harsh on the environment as that of its competitors.

In order to succeed in this, Hopworks Urban Brewery and Patagonia utilize 'Kernza,' a perennial grain that's grown using "regenerative agriculture practices." As the company claims, this leads to a restoration of "soil biodiversity, sequesters carbon, and efficiently grows crops without chemical fertilizers or pesticides" -- and needs less water for the whole process.

In addition to Kernza, Long Root Ale is made with organic yeast, Chinook, barley, as well as Mosaic and Chrystal hops -- making for a refreshing beverage that aims to change current practices for the better.