The Treehouse Suite is an Idyllic Beach Resort in Mexico

 - Oct 7, 2016
References: detureculsign & archdaily
The 'Treehouse Suite' is a collection of luxurious bamboo huts that make up an eco-resort called Playa Viva. Located along a mile-long strip of virgin beachfront in Guerrero, Mexico, the cylindrical bamboo huts offer panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and direct access to the pristine beach.

What separates the huts that the Treehouse Suite comprises from other beachfront resorts is their openness. The bamboo cylinders have no transverse walls, so they offer completely exposed views of the Mexican shoreline.

Within the huts themselves, there are beds for guests, however, each hut also comes with another relaxing option. The hardwood flooring in each hut has a rectangle cut-out and netting is laid across this empty expanse to create a sort of sunken hammock right by the beach.