From Space-Efficient Schools to Bubbly Parliament Buildings

 - Nov 26, 2016
Whether it is schools, libraries of even government buildings, the November 2016 architecture trends demonstrate a strong emphasis on making public buildings not only more accessible, but also more visually appealing.

One way that architects are giving public buildings an upgrade is by adding modern elements to historic designs. For instance, the design company Gensler recently proposed erecting a modular bubble shaped structure in front of the UK parliament buildings. Similarly, architect Henri Cleinge renovated Montreal's historic Royal Bank building to create modern offices and a cafe.

However, the November 2016 architecture trends reveals that not all public building upgrades involve a complete overhaul. Indeed, many schools, library and museums have received small upgrades that simply help to give the structure a more contemporary look. For instance, Cologne's historic harbor district on the Rhine River was recently upgraded to include a sleek public pool and waterfall.