The Zhuhai National Park Gateway was Designed by West-line Studio

 - Oct 23, 2016
References: divisare & archdaily
Zhuhai National Park in Guizhou province, China, is a sprawling 10,000 hectare tract of land known locally for comprising the "Bamboo Sea." The gateway to this park, which was designed by Chinese architecture firm West-line Studio, makes use of the ample bamboo that grows around it, using the trees as a natural canopy.

The Zhuhai National Park gateway is itself designed to incorporate bamboo into its structure. The fast-growing tree is known for its structural strength, making it a solid option for building. Further, the interesting, segmented pattern of bamboo trunks are pleasing from a design standpoint.

To make use of the bamboo canopy, West-line Studio built a raised pathway that zigzags through the woods. This path offers many different angles at which to take in the nature as people enter the park.