From Lavish Sporty Yachts to Updated Mercedes-Maybachs

 - Sep 5, 2016
The top September 2016 luxury experiences explore a variety of themes -- with immaculate architecture, getaways, automobiles, membership clubs and fitness classes all in the mix.

One example is the 'R4.0' in Malibu, a boot camp fitness club that was created by the California Health and Longevity Institute that invites those who participate to enjoy massages and other spa features after a tough workout -- it's also a place where an impressive roster of celebrity clientele can be seen. Meanwhile, at the Cornbury Music Festival in England, a lavish pop-up hotel was put up for attendees looking for a more refined overnight experience -- contrasting with the traditional music festival practice of camping out on grounds that are filled with other music-lovers.

Another notable concept included in these many September 2016 luxury experience ideas is a member-only women's club located in Toronto. By catering to women who have been successful in their careers, the organization allows like minds to come together and network, as well as relax in an exclusive spa.