Tokyo’s Mizuguchi Hospital Boasts an Upscale Obstetric Clinic

Tokyo’s Mizuguchi Hospital looks much different from most gynaecology and obstetric clinics around the world. While most consist of sterile white walls and clinical furniture pieces, the Mizuguchi Hospital sets itself apart as a luxury facility for expectant mothers.

Guests of the Mizuguchi Hospital have all of their needs taken care of during their stay, including the delivery of a child, as well as prenatal and postnatal care in a regally decorated facility. Those who opt to splurge on the 'Elisabeth Plan,' which is named after the 19th-century Empress Elisabeth of Austria, are also treated to a celebration dinner and afternoon tea.

Expectant mothers are now being tempted to make the childbirth experience even more special in maternity hospitals like this one that look more like luxury hotels.