Hirano Clinic is a Medical Center in Japan's Aichi Prefecture

 - Oct 20, 2016
References: tsc-a & archdaily
If gabled roofs and windows are meant to evoke a quaint and woodsy feeling, Hirano Clinic is like a Swiss chalet on the edge of a forest. Not only is the clinic -- which is located in an urban area of Aichi Prefecture, Japan -- covered in abstractly placed gabled windows, but the entire structure of the roof and exterior walls are themselves shaped in the triangular, sloping design.

TSC Architects' Yoshiaka Tanaka, the chief architect behind Hirano Clinic, chose to go with the gabled motif because of the purpose of the building. As a health clinic, Hirano Clinic needs to be an appealing building for people of all ages, whether elderly or a toddler. Because of the cute connotation of gabled roofs and windows, the design choice makes visiting the doctor less intimidating.