This Swimming Pool Facility Has Retractable Roofs and Walls

 - Sep 28, 2016
References: & newatlas
Dutch recreational park Eiland van Maurik has been fitted with an innovative new swimming pool facility that can be located either indoors or outdoors depending the weather. Designed by Bright Buildings, this swimming pool comes equipped with an electrically operated retractable roof which, at the push of a button, retracts to pull back the ceiling and expose the swimming pool to the glorious outdoors, with the entire process taking only four minutes.

What's more, the pool's walls are also fully retractable, and can be manually slid back to allow plenty of sunlight and fresh air into the facility. But when closed, the facility benefits from indoor climate control technologies as is the case with any indoor facility.

This swimming pool facility is an excellent example of architectural technology being leveraged to help building occupants and users enjoy the best of indoor and outdoor recreation.