This Houseboat is Fitted With the Latest Home Automation Gadgetry

 - Oct 25, 2016
References: bluefieldhouseboats & newatlas
Bluefield Houseboats, a company based in the UK, is launching an assortment of high-tech houseboats that combine the best worlds by allowing residents to enjoy the latest home automation technologies without forcing them to have a negative impact on the environment.

These houseboats are designed to be highly airtight as well as efficiently insulated, helping then minimize their reliance on energy. They are connected to regular electricity hookups for energy needs, while cedar and aluminum-coated construction gives the home a sleek and classy look. As far as the interior is concerned, these houseboats offer a master bedroom with an attached bathroom, as well as additional bedrooms and bathrooms. However, buyers can also opt for alternate houseboat designs that can be repurposed to be used for business or creative projects.

Spacious, luxurious but energy-efficient, the Bluefield Houseboats offer guilt-free luxury dwelling on the water.