From Miniature Backyard Home Extensions to Travel-Friendly Tiny Homes

 - Jan 29, 2017
The most predominant 2016 home trends that can be observed come in the form of home extensions and micro homes that are becoming increasingly dynamic in their functions and abilities.

One specific example that highlights the prominence of home extensions is the 'Backyard Room,' which functions as a home office just outside the user's real home. The backyard space functions as a private, eco-friendly studio for those who seek an escape when they are working or creating.

There was no shortage in the development of micro homes this year, and even though this trend is one that has appeared in the past, the sheer diversity in this particular field of design has increased exponentially. One such example is the 'Vista Sport' tiny home, which comes in a size that is perfect to travel with. Despite its tiny size, the towable home is complete with a bed, a bathroom, a small kitchen and ample windows – all of which make it ideal for avid travelers.

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