Fran Silvestre Arquitectos' 'Casa Entre La Pinada' Embodies Minimalism

Fran Silvestre Arquitectos' 'Casa Entre La Pinada' project is a luxury home that embodies minimalism while staying true to the design studio's signature aesthetic. Located in Paterna, Spain, the residence boasts an all-white facade that matches its stark interior.

The simplistic home boasts a sleek and clean interior that features little to no ornamentation with the exception of its warm wood cladding -- acting as its only colorful element.

Featuring an indoor swimming pool, a vast courtyard and spacious open-concept rooms, this residence is ideal for those seeking serenity and a de-cluttered lifestyle. The luxury home brings a futuristic design aesthetic to life with cold materials and finishes like concrete and glass. Despite of its lack of ornamentation, the residence still manages to evoke a comfortable and cozy air with its infusion of warm wood elements.