From Stark Luxury Homes to Homely Beauty Boutiques

 - Oct 30, 2016
From luxury homes bathed entirely in white to beauty boutiques with understated interiors, the October 2016 architecture trends demonstrate a noticeable shift towards minimalism when it comes to both residential and retail spaces.

In terms of home design, understated exteriors are quickly becoming the norm. This includes everything from glazed concrete to imbricated bricks and even steel mesh. On the inside, designers are using the same kinds of materials to achieve a look that is sleek and modern rather than cold and industrial.

In terms of retail, the same minimalist appraoch is gaining steam as a way to promote products in a more clean way. For instance, the new Aesop skincare shop in São Paulo, Brazil uses open concrete counters to display products. Similarly the new retail outlet for the women's apparel company Sketch, uses natural light and greenery to highlight products instead of detailed displays.