Studio Bell's Terra Cotta Tiles Enhance Acoustic & Aesthetic Engagement

 - Sep 2, 2016
References: studiobell & nmc
Studio Bell is the name of a spectacular new building, located in the Canadian city of Calgary, that is part of a larger plan to put together a world-class music and technology museum. This particular building features mind-blowing architecture that features a focus on acoustic design, something that helps to enhance the auditory and sensory experience inside the museum while also helping to enhance its visual appeal from the outside.

Conceived by Allied Works Architecture, the interior of Studio Bell features special acoustic 'canyons' that aim to mimic the acoustic function and echo that are produced by musical instruments. What's more, the building features over 200,000 glazed terra cotta tiles that have both acoustic and aesthetic function.

Studio Bell's design is a great example of architectural design taking into account multi-sensory needs rather than just visual ones.