Michael Iveson's 'Corridor' Lines One of the Averard Hotel's Halls

 - Sep 21, 2016
References: michaeliveson & dezeen
A new installation by Michael Iveson fills West London's now-derelict Averard Hotel on Lancaster Gate with a bubble-wrapped corridor. Simply titled 'Corridor,' the installation winds randomly through the empty first floor lobby area, giving the ghostly building an appearance of hustle and bustle.

Though the Averard Hotel's first floor's walls have been taken down in order to make way for a coming renovation, the outlines of those walls are still visible on the floor and ceiling. Michael Iveson, who uses the building as studio space, noticed these outlines and chose to create an installation based off of them.

Rebuilding the former walls that made up the corridor between rooms, Iveson references the building's past. By covering the walls with bubble wrap, he makes a cheeky statement about them, as bubble wrap usually signifies newness.