'Apartment MGA' Fuses Sleek Aesthetics with Vibrant Art Picks

This pop art apartment is the work of Yamagata Arquitetura and is situated in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The interior is sleek and simplistic in its overall look and feel and fuses clean white walls and warm wood finishes with oversized pop art canvases. These range from captivating photographs to geometric optical illusion paintings that act as a focal point when juxtaposed with more traditional and minimalist decor.

Overlooking gorgeous views like the Corcovado and the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, this pop art apartment is both modern and eclectic, fusing a sleek and linear shell with eye-catching objects and framed canvases.

In addition to its bedroom, sitting area, dining room and kitchen, this apartment in Brazil is also home to a spacious balcony that overlooks its gorgeous natural landscape and landmarks.