From Modular Concept Kitchens to Freestanding Prefab Kitchens

 - Mar 2, 2017
With consumers leading increasingly busy lives and living in increasingly smaller spaces, futuristic kitchen designs have been created to fit contemporary needs.

One of the ways that architects and designers are adapting to the modern needs of consumers is with modular designs. By breaking down the average kitchen into modular units, consumers can pick and choose which essential pieces will fit in their specific needs. For example, the Kitch'T linear kitchen is designed so that it features more storage and less eating space -- ideal for millennials who often prefer to eat on the run.

Other futuristic kitchen designs involve freestanding units that allow consumers to cook in non-traditional spaces. For instance, the Gali kitchen unit by Ana Rana does not require users to have a specific room to cook or prepare meals in -- an ideal solution for bachelor apartments. Another example is the Miuccia kitchen, which is a prefabricated unit that can be set up anywhere as needed.