PourMi Helps to Save Time, Energy and Water in the Kitchen

 - Apr 27, 2018
References: kickstarter
'PourMi' is being introduced to the world on Kickstarter as a smart home device that boasts the ability to provide a "superior, voice-activated kitchen faucet experience."

The IoT device has the ability to connect to Amazon Alexa to enable voice activation technology, meaning that one can simply interact with the kitchen device using natural language to perform a variety of tasks. Unlike many conventional faucet designs, the PourMi has the ability to intelligently measure different amounts water, right down to the ounce, cup or tablespoon.

In addition to its smart design that helps it to quickly measure out liquids for cooking—and eliminate the need to use and clean measuring tools in the process—PourMi also allows those in the kitchen to execute clear voice commands to turn the stream of water off and on.