ChopChop Culinary Setup is Ergonomically Designed for Wheelchair Users

 - Mar 4, 2015
References: dirkbiotto & tuvie
The most common designs for food preparation areas are not effective environments for all, urging the designer of this accessible kitchen to think outside of the cabinet––so to speak. In studying the needs of people in wheelchairs, both young and and old, Dirk Biotto came up with an ergonomic alternative to inefficient setups.

The first step was to remove the cupboards beneath the countertop, leaving an open area beneath the wooden bench, supported by sturdy metal legs. The height can be adjusted according to each person's needs. Within this thoughtful arrangement are adaptable pegs and holes for the positioning of racks, hangers and shelves for stashing dishes, cutlery and cooking tools. This freestanding accessible kitchenette also includes a flexible hose faucet, an integrated grater box and a vice jar opening system, facilitating single-handed tasks.