The Block ARMO System Consists of Specially Shaped Concrete Blocks

 - Sep 21, 2016
References: & archdaily
The Block ARMO system allows builders to create concrete structures that are as strong as any other, but it reduces total building time by as much as 50 percent. Funded by the Mexican Council for Science and Technology, the single-module blocks can be assembled without any binders or mixtures, and their design is so intuitive that there is no need for skilled labor when using them.

Block ARMO blocks consist of six different pieces shaped similarly to jigsaw puzzle pieces. But while jigsaw puzzles are notorious time-killers, Block ARMO is just the opposite. Each piece intuitively fits into the next, with different pieces for corners, straight walls, et cetera. The only addition on top of the blocks themselves are metal rods that get inserted into the blocks' holes every 80 centimeters.