This Tiny Home Blends Traditional Aesthetics and Modern Amenities

 - Sep 20, 2016
References: escapevintage & tinyhousetalk
Tiny home manufacturer Escape is launching a new dwelling that is designed to take an aesthetic approach that is in stark contrast to most tiny homes out there on the market, in that it eschews 21st century architecture for a more old-school design.

Priced at $59,800 and higher depending on the options chosen, the Vintage tiny home is fitted with a surprisingly spacious bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. As is the case with many tiny homes nowadays, this home features a ladder-accessible loft that either be used as an extra bedroom or utilized as an attic of sorts for storage.

This tiny home's traditional aesthetic could be a major selling point for home buyers, in that it offers the look and feel of a traditional home while allowing residents to enjoy the economic and eco-friendly benefits of tiny living.