Kenta Eto's OJI House Has a Truncated Corner That Gives Way to a Tree

 - Sep 12, 2016
References: eto-atl & dezeen
Modern house designers seem to favor the box, building cubic and rectangular abodes as an antithesis to traditional gabled roofs, but Japanese architect Kenta Eto's OJI House is subverting even that modern boxy ideology. The house, located in a residential neighborhood outside of the city of Oita, Japan, has a truncated corner on the street-facing side that reveals the upper branches of a delicate tree.

From the outside, OJI House's sliced corner gives just a tantalizing look at what could be within its walls. On the inside, that potential beauty is fulfilled. Even though the house is in a relatively heavily populated area, the truncated corner allows OJI House's residents to have a private, secluded open-air garden.