The Icehotel 365 Will Stay Frozen All Year Roun

 - Sep 14, 2016
References: icehotel & newatlas
Sweden's Icehotels, constructed every winter, always garner a lot of attention due to their pure ice construction and their various ice-based sculptures, but these structures are left to naturally melt away once summer arrives. This year however, the Icehotel 365 will maintain its shape and structure due to its melt-proof construction.

The new Icehotel 365, which will be built at the same time as the usual annual Icehotel, will make use of a special ultra-refrigeration unit that will work to keep temperatures low so that the icy structure is left undisturbed. The refrigeration unit will draw its energy from solar panels, an awesomely ironic arrangement in which the sun's energy is used to protect the Icehotel 365 from the sun's own heat.

Set to open in November, the Icehotel 365 stands to be an excellent example of sustainable Arctic architecture.