- Jul 3, 2016
These expressive June 2016 art ideas take the shape of everything from pool-sized sculptures to digital media installations and gunpowder paintings.

Some of the most dynamic pieces use artful forms to express poignant messages on
animal cruelty, consumption, refugee status and the dangers of distracted driving. In order to show off the the Burj Khalifa as the tallest building in the world, Minus5 Architects developed a concept that would project the silhouettes of other world landmarks on the surface of the building, effectively showing how they compare in size.

To the average consumer, art can sometimes feel as though it is out of reach. In order to remedy this, there are new initiatives like South Korea's Print Bakery being put in place to make art more accessible. On the flip side, an innovation like the Minnesota Street Project aims to offer affordable studio spaces—preventing artists from having to charge a premium to cover their own costs.

From Mobile Gallery Guides to Flammable Gunpowder Paintings: