Darren Rigo Captures Man's Presence in Quiet Scenes of Nature

 - May 8, 2016
References: darrenrigo & fubiz.net
Nature on its own is beautiful, there's no doubting that, yet Canadian artist Darren Rigo has decided to leave his own mark in an attempt to explore something equally beautiful, but also very different. Through subtle sculptures using materials found in forests and woods as well as more manmade creations including bright balloons and streamers, Darren Rigo's art is quite arresting.

Hailing from Ontario, Darren Rigo has specifically created two projects that are being highlighted: Domestic Wilderness and Displacement. Poetic and poignant, his work is left to the interpretation of his audience. Of course, similar themes of man versus natural can be applied almost universally. That said, seeing beauty in such simple scenes is enough.