From Floral Anatomy Sculptures to Famous Painting Cocktails

 - Apr 23, 2016
From droplet-shaped cameras to biometric business cards, the top April 2016 art and design ideas introduce bold new forms for familiar objects. Perhaps one of the most arresting examples of this is the Maison Bernard, a bright red sci-fi bubble home developed by French architect Odile Decq.

While there are a few other designs like this that embrace a strong sense of futurism, among these ideas, classical forms of art and design are also being revisited in fresh new ways. A few great examples of this include paintings that feature Disney princesses as Renaissance portrait subjects and art styles like cubism, surrealism and impressionism that are interpreted as cocktail drinks.

Other themes emerging in art and design include products and designs that embrace unfinished and transparent qualities, which speaks to the modern consumer's desire for authenticity and honesty.