This Bookshelf by Thinking Design is One Giant Catwalk

 - Mar 16, 2016
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The Taiwanese agency Thinking Design recently came up with a clever new bookshelf that doubles as a playspace for indoor cats. As many pet owners know, it is important to keep animals both mentally and physically stimulated. This built-in bookshelf provides a unique way for cats to play and explore even while indoors.

The built-in bookshelf by Thinking Design is a series of wall-mounted pieces that consist of several shelves and cabinets. However, instead of running horizontally, a few of the shelves feature a diagonal shape that allows cats to transition from one level to the next. At the end of the shelf, there is also a tree-like column built for climbing. The bookshelf even features a small cat bed behind a paw-shaped cutout.

The clever bookshelf design demonstrates how homes can be adapted to suit the needs of family pets.