These Eye-Catching Cat Shelters Are Designed to Help Homeless Cats

Quirky cat shelters have become all the rage in recent years, with many organizations designing them to help stray and homeless cats. However, few efforts have been as eye-catching and prolific as those of the Architects for Animals Giving Shelter event, which is designed to raise funds for FixNation, a Los Angeles-based charity that works to neuter and spray homeless cats in order to humanely reduce their populations.

This collection of cat shelters includes such creations as the Cat-a-Tete, which adopts an S-shape that encourages cats to interact. Other offerings including the brilliantly designed and named Lunar Cat Lander, which features a rather space-inspired design.

Ultimately, these feline shelters are both works of creative design as well as objects of good designed to give homeless cats a place to dwell.