Kirsty Whiten's Art Challenges Cultural Conventions and Taboos

 - Mar 27, 2016
References: kickstarter
Edinburgh-based artist Kirsty Whiten describes her artistic interests by saying "I make meticulous and confronting drawings and paintings about humans, their psychology, sexuality and behaviour." With her latest project, a limited edition art book titled 'WRONGER RITES - The Quing of the Now People,' Whiten plans to bind together 72 beautifully disturbing and thought-provoking original pieces. Each page will work to complement the other and compose a larger meaning than what might be created in just one painting, as well as make her art to be more accessible and affordable.

Whiten’s dark animalistic interpretations of humans allows her to attribute more meaning to her subjects, generating a dialogue that confronts gender roles and boundaries, sexual freedom, vanity and morality. Using bright contrasting colours along with her meticulous level of detail that induces a sense of realism, the pieces show the mis-remembered fabricated rituals of a people Whiten creates, who she refers to as the wild ‘Now-Peoples.'