Jean-Michel Bihorel Recreates 3D Bodies Using Tiny Flowers

 - Mar 12, 2016
References: jmbihorel.wordpress &
Artist Jean-Michel Bihorel recreates the human figure using delicate flowers in his series of anatomy sculptures dubbed Flower Figures. The pieces capture the fragility of the body with the use of delicate yellow flowers used to realistically recreate the shapes and contours of the human form.

Each of the pieces featured in the Flower Figures series is made using the same dried white flowers that have been carefully arranged to make up the female frame. The pieces vary in poses with some sitting, standing or crouching as they show the female form in docile and subdued positions. The flowers are carefully collaged together to create an opaque rendering of the body that is extremely delicate, yet incredibly realistic despite the use of flowers to create the familiar shape.