Aaron Tilley's Pieces Depict the Moment Before Catastrophic Despair

 - Mar 2, 2016
References: aarontilley & boredpanda
Photographer Aaron Tilley recently showcases a series of surrealist illustrations put together with Kyle Bean that showcase the moment of suspended anxious anticipation that occurs right before something catastrophic is about to happen. The illustrations capture breath-holding moments such as a light striking a match, a balloon popping or ink spilling on a shirt the second before the damage is done.

Tilley's illustrations put viewers in an uncomfortable state of anxiety as they are left to watch potentially traumatic situations frozen in time. The images are designed to provoke the viewer into this state by showcasing set ups such as a bowling ball about to roll on bubble wrap or eggs about to tumble onto a marble surface.

The medium of photography is ideal for capturing these feats of anticipation as a photo is a still of a singular moment, further emphasizing the theme.